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About us

T3 Gazzaz studio

T3 Gazzaz Studio is a branch of T3 Corporate in associated with T3 Industries Private Limited , we’ve developed a tried and tested process for managing glass design projects based on our decades of service to the industry.

This staged approach ensures that we collaborate effectively with the client and other participants in the project (for example, architects, interior designers, contractors, and quantity surveyors) while delivering our designs on time and to an agreed budget.

At T3 Gazzaz Studios, we understand the power of an excellent reputation.

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About us

T3 Gazzaz studio

  • Project Stage 1: The Brief

    At this stage we will review a project enquiry. Our experts will then advise on whether a proposed project in technically feasible and identify and potential risks.

  • Project Stage 2: Consultation

    This service will establish the parameters of the project, allow T3 Gazzaz Studios to provide an accurate quotation for services.

  • Project Stage 3: Quotation

    This will detail the total cost The quotation will break down the total price and lead time required to carry out the works proposed.

  • Project Stage 4: Sampling

    If a sample of the proposed glass finish is required before a client commits to an order, this is arranged next. Our vast sample library will likely contain a suitable sample to lend.

  • Project Stage 5: Order Confirmation

    The sales team, project coordinator, and senior members of the studio team hold a project briefing upon receipt of an order confirmation.

  • Project Stage 6: Design

    Throughout the design stage, our studio team will submit proof drawings for clients approval. These form the starting point for a unique project and allow

  • Project Stage 7: Control Sample

    Should the client decide against the control sample, our design team return to Project Stage 6 and create new proof drawings.

  • Project Stage 8: Survey

    The team ascertain the exact dimensions of the space, any site accessibility restrictions, and the environmental conditions into which we will install.

  • Project Stage 9: Manufacturing

    Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this process may take weeks or even months. One chip or incorrect dimension can rarely be remedied and mean that the manufacturing must be restarted.